• How does GDPR impact me as an Independent Modere Social Marketer?

      Social Marketers must maintain the confidentiality of consumers and site users by complying with the privacy laws, including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in each country from which they receive consumer information. Social Marketers must post, in a prominent location, a “Privacy Statement” that informs consumers whether or not personal information is being collected about them and how such information will be used. Social Marketers may not sell, trade or use consumer or site user information. Social Marketers may only use such information in connection with Modere Business Activity. If any person or entity requests that their information not be used, the Social Marketer must immediately honor such request.

      Failure to comply with GDPR requirements and these policies may constitute a breach of your agreement and your Social Marketer account would be subject to further discipline in accordance with Section 12 of the Policies and Procedures. Any questions you have may be directed to compliance@modere.eu.

    • Where can I find my account information?

      You can find your account information by clicking on My Account.

    • How can I reset my password?

      You can reset your password in My Account. Simply type in a new password and confirm it. Then click “Update Info” to save the new password.

    • Can I change the currency associated with my account?

      No. The currency of your account defaults to the country of your billing address. The currency can either be Pound Sterling or Euro. This means that you will receive your commission and bonuses in the default currency of your account and you will pay for your purchases on www.modere.eu in this currency as well.

    • How do I change my Social Marketer account to a Customer account?

      Please download a Social Marketer Account Cancellation Request form from the Resources area and complete it. Send the completed form to us scanned and attached to an email, or via post. Upon receipt of a properly completed form, we will terminate your account which cancels the Social Marketer Agreement. Please note that you will still be bound to Modere for one year following cancellation of the Agreement as outlined in the section on “Conflicts of Interest” in the Policies and Procedures. You can subsequently open a Customer account online under your current Sponsor.

    • What are your delivery rates?

      For our most current delivery rates, please refer to Delivery Rates.

    • What is the maintenance fee?

      The maintenance fee is a service fee charged monthly by Modere for the calculation of commission and bonuses as outlined in the Compensation Plan and for generating the documents relevant to this income.

    • How much is the maintenance fee?

      For the most current information on the rate of the maintenance fee, please refer to Miscellaneous Fees and Charges available in the Resources section on www.shiftingretail.eu.

    • Is the maintenance fee refundable?

      No, the maintenance fee is not refundable, either in whole or in part.


    • How can I obtain my commission statements?

      Your commission statements can be downloaded from the Earnings Statement area in the Tools area which you’ll find in the Dashboard.

    • As of when are commission statements available?

      New compensation statements are available for downloading at the latest around the 14th or the 15th of each month.

    • I can’t find my commission statement for the previous month. What do I do?

      Commission statements are only issued if you earned commission in the previous month. Contact us if you want to be sure.

    • How long are commission statements available for downloading?

      Commission statements will remain available for downloading for 5 entire calendar years starting with the November 2014 commission statement.

    • What is the purpose of the self-bill?

      The purpose of the self-bill is that you are provided directly by Modere with an invoice stating your Modere earnings. It saves you the time to issue an invoice to Modere for your services and speeds up the process for Modere to pay you. You can use this self-bill to transmit to your accountant for income tax and VAT purposes as warranted.

    • Why does VAT not feature on the self-bill?

      Modere Europe is a company registered in Belgium and opted to apply a ruling issued by the Belgian government that VAT need not be stated on the self-bill. Modere however do declare earnings from Social Marketers to their respective home countries.

    • What is a “fiche nr. 281.50”?

      A fiche nr. 281.50 (“fiche”) is an annual statement issued by a business to record, among others, commissions and bonuses granted to a third party within a given tax or income year. The commissions or bonuses may have been granted regularly or irregularly. The commissions and bonuses constitute income according to Belgian tax legislation. Modere refers to these commission and bonuses on your commission statements as “Entitlements”.
      The date of the entitlement determines whether the entitlement is reported for a particular income year. For instance, a commission entitlement paid in January 2015 for the month of December 2014 will be part of the fiche for income year 2015. However, a commission entitlement for December 2015 will not be included in your fiche for income year 2015 as it is paid in January 2016.
      To be compliant with Belgian tax legislation, Modere issues this fiche for each Social Marketer with combined entitlements as of €125.00 and must provide a copy of each fiche to the Belgian tax authorities. It is irrelevant whether these entitlements were deposited in your bank account or left on your Modere account.

    • Can you provide me with a copy of this fiche in my own language?

      No. As the Modere offices are located in the Flemish region in Belgium, the fiche is mandatorily issued in Dutch.

    • I’m not a Belgian resident. Do I need to use this form for my income tax return or provide it to my local tax office?

      Modere advises its Social Marketers to seek advice from an expert as to their tax obligations.

    • Are bonuses included in the amount on the fiche?

      Indeed, the earnings reported on the fiche are commissions and any kind of bonuses that Modere may have granted to you in the income year for as far as the combined amount of commissions and bonuses is equal to or exceeds €125.00 in the given income year. The reported earnings are identified as “Entitlements” on your monthly commission statements.

    • What is the Belgian tax year?

      The Belgian tax year coincides with the calendar year.

    • What is the currency of the amount stated on the fiche?

      The currency is euro.

    • When and where can I find my annual fiche?

      Modere usually issues the fiche by or prior to the middle of May of the year following the income year.
      You can download your fiche from the Back Office on www.shiftingretail.eu, in fact from the same location where you can download your commission statement.

    • I can’t find my fiche in the Back Office on www.shiftingretail.eu. What do I do?

      If your Modere income amounts to less than €125.00 in an income year, Modere does not issue a fiche. You can check your total earnings in a given fiscal year by totalling the amounts of your “Entitlements”, listed in your monthly commission statements, for the given fiscal year. If you earned more than €125.00 in the given income year and your statement is not available, please contact us.

    • How do you communicate that the fiche is available?

      We communicate the availability of the fiche via the Modere Memo.

    • How long will you keep the fiches available in the back office on www.shiftingretail.eu?

      Starting from the fiche relating to income year 2015, the fiches will be available on the website for 5 entire calendar years.


    • Where can I find a report listing my Sales Organisation and their purchases so far?

      The Social Marketer Tools area in the Dashboard provides you with a Network report as well as a report on the activity of your Customer Pod.

    • When may I expect payment of my commission and bonuses?

      You can expect to find any commission or bonuses that you qualified for on your bank account around the 20th of the month.

    • When does the volume month close?

      Volume months close on the last day of the calendar month even if that day falls on a weekend or a national holiday. D1 and above have two more days to finalise their qualifications. On these days they must place their qualifying orders via the shop on www.modere.eu.

    • Which basic criterion must I satisfy to earn with Modere’s Compensation Plan?

      The basic criterion is obtaining 150AP in the given month. AP or Activity Points are the combined value of your own and your new Customers’ points. Our Compensation Plan and the training documents in the Back Office explain the different bonuses and commission you could earn as well as the additional requirements.

    • How can I satisfy the 150AP requirement if I don’t focus on acquiring new customers?

      In that case you can place a single order of 150MP yourself or set up a SmartShip order of at least 150MP per month. Our Compensation Plan provides more information. If you’d like to know more about SmartShip, visit our FAQ on www.modere.eu.

    • Is my MP or the CP of my Customers impacted by discounts that you offer or returns that I make?

      Yes, you definitely must consider that MP and also CP is impacted by discounts or coupons Modere may offer or returns that you make.

    • Is there a difference between the MP and the CP associated with your individual products?

      No, MP and CP for one and the same product is equal.

    • How can I be successful with Modere?

      To be successful with Modere have a read through the “Getting Started” training guide, listen to and reflect on the videos in your Starter Kit, take some of the training available in the Training section in the Back Office of www.shiftingretail.eu, understand the basics of our Compensation Plan and finally talk to your Upline. Also stay tuned to the Modere Memo for information on Modere Regionals where you can network with like-minded individuals. And last but not least, love our brand and embrace our Live Clean philosophy!

    • Where can I find my referral code?

      You can find your referral code in your account information on the Modere and Shifting Retail websites.

    • Which markets are supported by Modere globally?

      Modere is present in:
      Australia: www.modere.com.au and www.shiftingretail.com.au
      Canada (NFR) and the USA: www.modere.com and www.shiftingretail.com
      Europe: www.modere.eu and www.shiftingretail.eu
      Japan: www.modere.co.jp and www.shiftingretail.jp (please contact intsponsor@modere.co.jp prior to sponsoring a Social Marketer)
      New Zealand: www.modere.co.nz and www.Shiftingretail.co.nz

    • I want to sponsor in another market. Should I register in that market?

      No, that isn’t required. Your referral code will work to sponsor Social Marketers and Customers in any Modere market. You only need to register if you want to purchase from that market or if you want to gain access to the other market’s Shifting Retail Back Office.

    • Are all Modere markets aligned regarding their policies and procedures?

      No, there are differences. If you wish to expand your sales organisation globally, you must familiarise yourself with the other markets’ policies and procedures.

    • Is Modere aligned on the policy that relates to the change of sponsor of a Customer?

      No. If you intend to sponsor Customers in another market, it is advised to query that market on their policy for the change of sponsor of a Customer.

    • Do I need access to the other market’s Shifting Retail Back Office to see my sales organisation in that market?

      No, you can view your entire sales organisation via the reports available in your home country’s Shifting Retail Back Office.

    • What is the best way to invite prospective Customers to Modere?

      To invite prospective Customers who are residents of one of the countries supported by Modere Europe it is best to use the Share the Love invite email or link. You can find both on the Share the Love main page when you are logged in.
      To invite prospective Customers who are residents of another Modere market where you aren’t registered, you should provide your referral code and ask the prospect to enter this code in the referral code field when they open an account on the local Modere website. Links of the all the Modere websites are shown above.

    • What is the best way to invite prospective Social Marketers to Modere?

      To invite prospective Social Marketers who are residents of one of the countries served by Modere Europe, we advise you to share the link of your European PWP.
      To invite prospective Social Marketers who are residents of another Modere market where you haven’t registered, you should provide your referral code and ask the prospect to enter this code when prompted to do so during the registration process on the local Shifting Retail website. Links of all the Shifting Retail sites are shown above.